In this Mini-project ‘Music Concert’, the computer graphics concepts along with the OpenGL functions are used. The main objective of this graphics mini project was to recreate a music concert using the OpenGL API and the GLUT library.
This project has a view of a music concert in which various animated characters are performing music on a stage.
There is a continuous scrolling of text across the screen from left to right at the top of the stage which reads “WELCOME”. There are be speakers in the side which are animated in a way that resembles music coming out of it. The graphics also contains a lighting for the performer on the stage which can be toggled between on and off using the keyboard functions. This project has keyboard interaction. This program is designed in such a way that when a specific key is pressed the singer will be changed.
When a specific key is pressed the confetti will be showered from above. By default, whenever a performer is changed confetti will be showered. Fireworks will go on in the background periodically and automatically. These fireworks can also be controlled using the keyboard.
The rendering will also contain several animated characters as audience with different colored clothing and different hair and skin colors.

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